Secret To Naturally Beautiful Skin

My favorite book for a naturally healthy life and beautiful skin: Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

My favorite book these days is Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko.

Green for life is a book with recipes and research about green smoothies.

I’m sharing it with you because I know if you start including green smoothies in your day, your skin will be healthier and look better.

Green smoothies are an easy and efficient way to ingest healthy amounts of nutrient-rich foods. My husband and I first started with juicing and then switched to green smoothies in order to benefit from the fiber which was being removed during the juicing process. We add fruit, such as apples and mangos etc., for taste, and also to get our daily portion of fruit too.

As a result of drinking green smoothies, both my husband and I have noticed improved health and are feeling great. Recently we started drinking 2 green smoothies a day, and within a couple days were already noticing the difference. These things are amazing.


  • clear and glowing skin
  • decrease acne
  • increase energy levels
  • shinier healthier hair
  • improve overall feelings of health
  • better elimination
  • less urge for unhealthy snacking
  • weight loss

Check out this book, or Google green smoothies to learn more. If you want to improve your health in an easy and natural way, this is a great way to go.

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